Learn to create your site and to market it

Create your site -> Make in page -> - Optimisation - Import - Ergonomy - Include
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II- Make in page

- Optimisation
It's the height of your files which give time to charge a page.

- Import
Category of files used for web whith the differents medias.

- Ergonomy
To surf easly on your web site.

- Include
How include some page or service on your web site.


- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


II- Make your site in page

The make in page will giving the body of your site. Optimisation and import of medias are always take the same ways whatever been thems and arborescence of site. Only too much graphiks sites need to have process for not loosing time as possible.

So, ergonomy depend on fonction and medias you install. For the designer, you have to get in brain that ergonomie and time to charge page are already go both. Staying more than 5 seconds face a blank page is so bored. Si en plus, at the first page, a too strong picture charge for a long time, people will go out.

You will need to test scripts a hosting, or to install a serveur on your computer and program for scripts. If you dont have a limited connection, you better take the first solution, because each hosting have his own caracteristics.


The web page maker have progress in stability and diversity, but they are blocked by the langage html. You have to use other langages.
You have to know that a page html never look the same from a computer to another, from a navigator to another...