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IV - Services

- Stats
Get some precious indices on your visitors.

- Forum
Ideals tools to create comunauty on your site.

- Advert
Services to manage your advert and your printing.


- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


V : Services for webmasters

Web give many ressources to agrement your web site. There is many advantags to use some services from another site : easy to install (only a little script to copy / past in your pages), don't use your hosting... But, there is too somes maters : bug of the services site, too much add...

You will find here any adress, with good quality of services and which bring you more for your site.

With the stats on your site, you can perfect your site put behind pages which well work, adapt add to your custumers...

A forum can be perfect your site. To test his interest, without install any script on your hosting, and not using too much band swich, suscribe to a services site for webmasters and admin your forum by this site. You can install after a more personal forum, if your customers ask you for.

So, any sites give any sytems to manage your advert, an admin and somes stats for the viewing of your adverts. Other give any scripts to manage many differents adverts.


when you do an hit on another hosting, you page will charge slownly. So don't put the code with other script in the same table : this one apear in one bloc, after totally charge. If the services site is buging, the table will just apear after the 404 error, always for 30 seconds after.