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I- Concept :

- Structure
Compose your directories structure and the folder for files of your site.

- Medias
How to insert pictures, videos, music...

- Software
What software to create your site ?

- Scripts
Agrement your site, find some contacts, make your stats...

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


I- Concept of site

The conception of a site take many stapes off-line.
I'll juste begin on point where general idea have been choose and then begin the construction of the site. Cause, I dont know what to recommand for thems or services to publied on a site (so, look for info at the end of page).

Conception is a passionant work, which is hard to give a value in time. In your bath, in the train, or ever, in bed, at fishing, at WC... You'll thinking to the structure of your site and any aspects will talke of. Whith time, you will see more easly the level of medias or texte for each chapter, but it's a courant mistake to have too more places for nothing in the menu and no more for importants chapters.

You will see in chapter structure than ever you begined whith a simply plan, whith home page, chapters and mail, you must have thinking before of the link which get page by page, and get your medias, or you maybe take a wrong way.

You have to choose too, the langage will code your site. The principal langage of web is the html which serve already to make in page. Webmasters use for more, dynamic langage which can ever agrement surf or graphik (more in javascript or java) , or to conserve indices pages by pages, or by people to the webmaster(PHP, ASP, Perl...).
You have to see with your hosting, because anyone have his own law and accept a langage and not an other...


The choice of one (or many) them and the feeling that you put in your site is naturaly very important. I just explain to a webmaster beginer to talke of one subject, from A to Z : the site will be easly to promote and you'll asking better to your customers whishes. On web, like in real life, there is mods. Look what is win on web, if you want a big traffic, and try to be some futurists webmasters.