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II- Make in page

- Optimisation
It's the height of your files which give time to charge a page.

- Import
Category of files used for web whith the differents medias.

- Ergonomy
To surf easly on your web site.

- Include
How include some page or service on your web site.


- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


II- 1: Optimisation of your medias

You have put medias in folders, you have now to publish them. The first mater on web is his lowner, so we have to compress, optimyse our files.

The eight o a file is ever give by program which create it. On Windows you can see it whith a right clic on icone du fils ond on macintosh whith Apple+I
Octet is the unit. on web, we always speak on ko (kilo-octet) or on Mo (mega-octet). The faster of transfert one line can go from 1 to 5 ko /s for very low connection.

When you save files in their web format, you can choose any level of files compression and quality. (for example, .jpg ou le .gif for photo... look at import) and you will have to find the delicat midle betwen medias quality and their height (and so, the time or their charge).



You have to know that navigator used a cache memory, the files charged one time are not charged again. So, be carrefull in your arborescence to have the same pictures or photos... for your menus.
A classical mystaque is to give diferents names to a same picture, in a menu for example : it will be charged both. Any photos logiciels make this mystaque, whith en roll-over for example. You have too clean the code html and rename files !