Learn to create your site and to market it

Create your site -> On web -> - Directories - Market
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IV - On web

- Directories
Any directories, Classed by adding mode.

- Market
Any systems to market your site. Régie, marque blanche, micropaiement..

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


IV: Your site is on line

Your site is on line, the first tests are good, your friend view it and congratul you... You're find to become a real webmaster, find to contact the big reseau.

To give real life to your site, it juste need now... some people. The stats you take on your site and the contact with surfer will help you to perfect your site and have fun with it.

To go with your site, add it in directories and search engine.The most of them are free yet, perhaps with a backlink. Any paying directories are interesting to throw fast a site.

And if you whish to gain your time you work on your site, suscribe to a regie pub you can find in chapter market your site.


it's atracting, in first, to use some "bads" technics to rentabilise and promove your site faster. Whitout details on this technics we can say they already go back on user. Too much adds for example don't be attractive for surfers.