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The webmaster beginer will find here the stapes to folow, since conception to put on ligne, for starting to create a web site. As techincs and makers progress too faster, this site will just give generals law to create your site.

Discover page by page, utils sites for webmaster to promot or to market your site. .

- Download software to create your site

- Chapters directories and market your site will boost your promotion.

Web Site


Learn to create your site

Create your site is now easly for anyone. A lot of differents medias can be upload oneline, and will be seen by all over the world (but, you have to think for an english version if you want to interest more internationnal people).

Many stapes are necessary if we don't want that peope go fast out after the first page.

The chapters, to read in chronology, will learn you to create your web pages, to do this pages will be faster, ergonomy, well promote and easly to browse.
Since the concept of your site, to the put on line, the make in page, any stapes are describe in grand line, with some details on the foot of page.

Two new chapters for create your site directories et market give you the key to purchase your project, maybe for who have invest in his site and want to market it. Many ads regie are describe in chapter market.


In this new version, more details on promotion and hosting. For the time to wait for a new version, the webmaster will add new references and indices.

Design of the site is minimalist because I think that bots and probably people with low connection dont like too much medias. So, it's too light now. Discover in medias and optimisation problems for webmaster for the height of files.

Services for webmaster are grouped in the chapter : services for your site.
And, on the left column, you'll find some site for traffic or for advert.